Grendel 2021

XR Game
in collaboration with Kim Jungho

game design / video / text / machine learning

Unity Realtime Game  Engine
Oculus Rift S ‧ Oculus Quest 2
Microsoft Azure Kinect ‧  Apple ipad pro 11 LiDAR
Microsoft ML LUIS ‧ Google Cloud STT ‧  NAVER CLOVA AI Dubbing

still shots from <Grendel 2021>

“It’s been a long time. I am Grendel, a subterranean monster, an earth-rim-walker, and your fellow traveler of the world.
After happened to notice the terrible sameness of it, I understand that the world is nothing but all pointless accident.
I think you can feel it. The awkward feeling that everyday seems to repeat over and over,
each day is like you are playing game from the save point after you saw ‘GAME OVER’.
Maybe you happened to die every day without notice?
Maybe you trapped in the moment that you had cherished but been betrayed by?
Some memories are so harsh that your brain refuses to contain it, but it is unforgettable to your body anyway.
We can walk together and chat for a while, around this hollow and beautiful world of the old memories
which seduces you even until now and blocks you from new beginning.
It is about you, those who you passed by, and someone you will visit someday eventually.”

Copyrightⓒ2020 Song Haemin. All rights reserved.