Zooming in COVID-19

AI Art Project
 with BK21 CFT team

art directing / AI network engineering/ Video

Projection Mapping

GAN-generated post-COVID-19 virtual faces

still shots from <Zooming in COVID-19>

The Meta AI art “Zooming in COVID-19” consists of the ‘wrong’ results of StyleGAN2 networks with the custom dataset of faces with mask
to describe the ironic state in this current situation. Generic faces are formed awkwardly with the conditions which make the model underfits.
This virtual avatar with abstract figure who was given birth by AI just today are chatting with the person who lives before COVID-19 across time in the film.
Conversation is unsatisfying due to lack of understanding of each other’s social environment.
Generic avatar cannot imagine the past without mask because it doesn’t have the data before.
“Zooming in COVID-19” started with imagining the science-fictional situation
but also conveys the discussion of  the upcoming issue of communication gap and social stratification under the circumstance of COVID-19 to the audience.

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